Nice Cute Cats photos

Check out these cute cats images:

cute cats
Image by divid3d
groucho decided to knock over and then sit inside a washing basket with dirty clothes inside haha… it was cute 🙂

Tia, reclined
cute cats
Image by nic0
Our kitty liked to sleep on top of our canvas-covered wardrobes. One day I found her looking particularly slutty, so I took a pic. She’s a lot more ladylike, most of the time!

Asia the Cat
cute cats
Image by Lady Caos
This is Asia, my cat. She died in 2005, during the spring. This is a cute photo I shot back in the days….
Per gli italiani: la mia gatta Asia, morta nella primavera 2005. E’ una vecchia foto, ne ho una copia anche sulla scrivania T^T

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