Dot’s Official Photo

A few nice cute cats images I found:

Dot’s Official Photo
cute cats
Image by A.Davey
Like her predecessor Lucy the Cat, Dot the Cat (Interim Acting Senior Ship’s Cat) enjoys taking sunbaths by the window next to the bunk in Salvation II’s pilot house.

It all came together for Dot yesterday: we weren’t at sea, we didn’t have visitors on the boat, and we were positioned so the afternoon sun came through the portside pilot house window.

So, Dot found her way to the sunny part of the bunk for a snooze. At one point Dot was sprawled out on her back with arms, legs and tail akimbo.

Of course, the moment Dot heard the camera, she was wide awake and striking a wide range of cute poses. I’d swear Dot took the mini course on pet modeling at the animal shelter before we adopted her.

In this shot, Dot has about reached the end of her interest in the modeling gig, and she is about to leave the pilot house in pursuit of more interesting pastimes.

Dot asked me to include this in her portfolio as her official portrait, so here it is.

Newborn animal!
cute cats
Image by Fe Rodrigues
Mel e seus dois filhotes que nasceram essa semana.

Bake Neko & My Thong
cute cats
Image by williamnyk
The cute demon cat that is currently terrorising my sofa.

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