Cool Cute Cats images

Some cool cute cats images:

remembering meadow
cute cats
Image by dotpolka
After almost a year of flickr abstinence, I have finally installed the uploader again. This picture of Meadow was still in my upload folder, and it really struck me, because it seems to capture her sweet personality so well. I have known and I currently know lots of lovely cats, but I have yet to meet one as wonderful as Meadow. Call me a crazy cat lady who is projecting, but Meadow was actually communicating through a variety of very distinct sounds that were specific to certain situations. Her creative sleeping positions took the concept of cuteness to a previously unknown level. She made me laugh every day and she brightened my life. I know that Kai loves her just as much as I do, and that he can offer her a much better life than I could. Still, I miss her dreadfully.

Pushkin, the world’s cutest kitten
cute cats
Image by cliqmo_
Meet Pushkin, kitten extraordinaire as owned by my friend Nadia. Poor Pushkin is the runt of his litter and has precisely zero limbs that have grown as they should. He has no toes and one leg that’s more of a furry tentacle than anything, but he’s utterly adorable, good natured and playful. Look at his little toeless leg reaching for my noisy lens! Look at it!

I want him for my own. Alas, it will never be.

cute cats
Image by Etolane

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